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ناظم کو کیا پتہ تھا کہ کوریا سے وہ اپنا گاؤں دیکھنے جا رہا ہے یا جیتے جاگتے انسانوں کا خون پینے جا ریا ہے.آخر عامل قاری شاہ مسکن نے بھید سے پردہ اٹھا ہی دیا
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You may not know Miranda Bailey’s name, but you probably know her work. As an actress, writer, director and producer, Miranda Bailey has a hand in just about every aspect of the independent film business. Early in her career
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With The Duke of Burgundy, the cinephilic English director Peter Strickland has made his third — and perhaps best — film to playfully riff on genre conventions. What begins as a bloodless tale of mistress and maid blossoms
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